Haute Enchilada, Moss Landing, Ca

It has been a long time coming, but finally I made the journey out to Moss Landing, passed right by my favorite Cabo Fish Taco’s at Whole Enchilada and arrived at the doorstep of this little establishment. The Haute Enchilada is purportedly owned/run by the daughter of Rey Retez, however it appears on the website as a member of the whole enchilada family of restaurants. I am not entirely certain how the pieces fit together.

Despite what was a very pleasant looking establishment (the architecture of which reminded me of a colonial plantation) the food was not something I would necessarily return for. I must say that the service was friendly and the Menu itself was quite a bit more ambition then the more family style whole enchilada.

I started my evening with the black bean empenadas. These had potential hte crust was nice, and the filling was hot, but on the flavorless side. Little did I know this was sort of harbinger for my entre.

I moved on to the Mole enchiladas. These two lacked flavor and I just kept wishing they had seasoned each portion of the meal a little bit better. Honestly, it seemed to me that whomever is in charge executing these recipes is NOT tasting their food before it goes out. Dry, saltless blackbeans, and a flavorless Mole. Its culinary skills 101, TASTE ALL FOOD ITEMS, especially sauces before they go out. I might try this place again…but for now if I want a good margarita and some good enchiladas in Moss Landing, ill stick to the Whole Enchilada.

Haute Enchilada Cafe & Gallery on Urbanspoon

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