Rutt’s Hut Clifton, New Jersey

Well I recently had the pleasure of enjoying a hot dog from a New Jersey Institution.  Rutt’s Hut has been an establishment in the state for over 80 years.  Why is this so…well it is not for ambiance…no it is certainly for their signature deep fried hot dog aptly name the RIPPER.  Check this expert out from Road Food.  The venue itself hasn’t changed in 80 years, which in my opnion is what give the place its authentic feel.  Very fun indeed.  Oh yeah, and make sure you wash it down with a delicious Boylan Birch Beer (kind of like root beer but not…).

“The magnificent hot dog served by Rutt’s Hut is known as a ripper because its skin tears and crinkles when it is deep fried. The oil bath turns the pork-and-beef link rugged, dark, and chewy on the outside, while the interior remains soft and juicy. With mustard or spicy-sweet relish, this is one of America’s great hot dogs.”

This is a definite road food grub spot…make sure you try the ripper if you are in New Jersey!

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