Main Fish Market Restaurant, East Windsor, Ct

If you are anywhere in New England, you have to have a lobster Roll, I moved to seek out the best seafood restaurant in East Windsor, well, because that is where I was.  This restaurant came highly recommended by some family friends so we decided to jump in and sample the fare.

The restaurant was large, with a good sized seating for both the bar and restaurant.  The portions didn’t disappoint either…massive dishes with good flavor.   As a Monterey, Ca native, I have had my fair share of clam chowder, however this chowder could rival them all…very good and rich and creamy.  The stuffed mushrooms were a bit greesy but tasty…and the Lobster Roll.  Well the Lobster roll was stuffed to the brim with delicious and succulent, sweet lobster in  a light mayo, but the roll was cold and arduous.  It should not be served at all if that is the roll chosen; it was thick and hearty…like for a grinder or a hoagie.

Lobster rolls need to be served on light airy hotdog like buns…it is imperative to the symbiosis between what is going on with the delicate  lobster and the bread…well the food was very good and I enjoyed it…however Neptune’s Oyster in Boston is still the best roll that I have ever had!

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