Bouchon Yountville, Ca

Is Thomas Keller a wicked culinary genius.  Yes.  Is Bouchon one of his restaurants. Yes.  Will you love Bouchon.  I don’t know, many people have different expectations, I find many people’s expectations and opinions unreasonable – for instance.  I gave this restaurant (imagine a whiny girls voice) like one star because it took way to long to sit down and the server was so busy he couldn’t even get water to us).   First, this is not reason to give a restaurant a diminished score you are probably at a very busy restaurant who is trying to do everything they can to accommodate their extremely large and demanding client base.

Bouchon, is the Lower end (and by lower end I mean $40 per person in stead of $400 like french laundry) of the Keller restaurants, but no less delicious.  From the squash blossoms, to the truffle fries to the sausage, this restaurant will not disappoint.  You will get very fat eating there, but you will be very happy.  It just so happens on this day, that Thomas Keller himself was there for Bastille day.  He was the first person to sit up on the dunk tank – Yep – the audience had a chance to dunk Thomas Keller. It was completely unpretentious of him especially considering he one of the most celebrated chefs in America Today.  Godspeed Mr. Keller…

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