Bistro Moulin Monterey, Ca

I am not the hugest fan of boutique little crafty nook style restaurants.  However I am a bit fan of good food.  this man Chef/Owner Didier Dutertre, formally trained in some of the worlds greatest kitchens, was lured to the area some 30 years ago by the owners of Casanova restaurant in Carmel.  He was head chef of the famous restaurant for 25 years before opening this fantastic little joint.

Come in for his famous Spinach Gnocchi Au gratin, or have a glass of nice french wine, with some escargot’s either way, you will spend a pretty penny, but the food and venue are worth it.  Make a reservation.

Oh also, the crazy guy has signs posted that NO PHOTOGRAPHS are allowed, sucks if you wanted to pop the question their and commemorate it!

Bistro Moulin on Urbanspoon



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