The Broken Yolk Cafe San Diego California

As many of my readers know I am an avid viewer of some fantastic food related programs, shows like Man vs. Food.  This show happened to be on t.v. the night I was staying in Carlsbad, and the episode was a food challenge issued by the Broken Yolk Cafe called the Iron Man Challenge, a 12 egg omelet with peppers onions, smothered in chili with a pound of home fries and two biscuits.

I had to visit and do a review.  So I went to the Carlsbad location and I ordered the John Wayne omelet wich is exactly 1/4 the size of the Iron Man that Adam Richmond took out on the show (he won this challenge).  It was immense!

I ate about half of the normal sized one…it was tasty, but basic.  The ambiance was nice, clean, franchise-ish.  They had a manager named Vladimir or Boris, or some very eastern European sounding name who actually approached me to reprimand me for taking pictures of my food.  He asked me what i was doing (in a heavy Russian accent) and I explained I was a food writer and that I was writing an article.  I felt like I was being interrogated by the freaking KGB.  He said, “I don’t really have problem with this, but the guests don’t want to have pictures, you know.  I told him I would not publish any photo’s of his guests.  THank you for being so Kind (He was really trying to be nice I think, however this is the first time in over 50 restaurants I have been caught taking photographs with my iphone, I am usually very discrete.  All the more reason to suspect he is ex KGB!!! he was on to me from the beginning!!

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