Lovely’s 50 50 Pizza Portland Oregon

I am a sucker for wood fired pizza done right, and Lovely’s delivers big time.  Cute, quaint little establishment with some serious passion behind the food.  You walk in and there are Stacks of Oak waiting to be thrown in the brick over to fire up your new favorite pizza.  The Crust had good snap, they had a simple yet satisfying menu, and there were some creative pizza’s on the menu.

Lovely's Fifty-Fifty on Urbanspoon

 I could eat a this place every day to be sure.  loved it.  I would definitely recommend this highly to get you out of your family style, or new york style pizza bubble, this is how pizza should be made.  I, as I always do, ordered a Pizza Margarita to start, and then we ordered a unique pie, Oven Roasted Leeks, with Broccoli Raab and young Pecorino – fabulous. 

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