Vito’s Italian Restaurant Pacific Grove, Ca

Vito’s Italian Restaurant Pacific Grove, Ca
Let’s set the record straight to start, I love Italian food, this may be strange as I am of Scandinavian descent, but it is my ultimate comfort food (not a big fan of pickled herring).  I also consider myself a pretty darn good Italian cook, and more importantly, it is my favorite category to review.

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I had my first visit to Vito’s recently and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It has been a staple in Pacific Grove for a number of years.  The proprietor and his ex-wife run the establishment in a satirically comical manner.  They bicker and take jabs at one another and I found it extremely entertaining – of course that is why they do it.
The food was pretty good; I wanted to like it more.  I had the Bruschetta which was fresh and tasty; I enjoyed the Chicken Parmesan – a dish I judge Italian restaurants on – which came with a salad, and a side of spaghetti with meat sauce.  My favorite thing honestly was the side of spaghetti, the pasta sauce had amazing flavor.  The chicken parmesan was just so-so.
If you like Italian joints where you feel like you are at home with your family with tasty comfort food, you will love this little spot.  Problem is, they have so much competition.  There are several really good Italian restaurants in Pacific Grove…see my other reviews under Italian.
Ambiance/Décor – 4 décor a bit dated, but open with fire place
Initial Greeting/Seating – 4.5 quickly greeted and sat
Wait Staff – 4.5 – we were waited upon by the co-owner she was hilarious
Food Presentation – 3.5 OK
Food Quality – 3.5 Food is pretty good
Price – $$$ – Not Cheap 15-25 dollars for entrees.
Overall rating (out of 5 stars) – 4.0 – Great local landmark

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