California Market Carmel Highlands, Ca

If you want stunning views of the rocky cliffs of Big Sur in a friendly inviting environment, this is a great little lunch spot to check out.
I finally made the trek out to this restaurant, situated inside of the Hyatt Carmel Highlands.  They have two restaurants in the Hotel – the California Market – and the Pacific’s Edge Restaurant.  Both provide breath taking views and decent food at an indecent price.  That said, the California Market has the lower price point and is more of a lunch style spot with sandwiches etc.

California Market Restaurant/ Carmel Highlands Inn on Urbanspoon

I Started with crab and lobster spring rolls, which were nice – cant go wrong with deep fried crab and lobster – they were a touch on the overdone side, shellfish can get a little rubbery when overcooked.  Then I had the chicken club sandwich which was also very good. Then I sampled the fish tacos, which were smothered in sauce, but were fried in a fantastically crunchy beer batter.  Overall the food was great, the view was stunning, and the price tag matched it, especially with a 16 dollar glass of Rombauer chard – which while drinking reminded me of how much I hate buttery chardonnays, yuck. 
Ambiance/Décor – 4.5 Great views, nice decor
Initial Greeting/Seating – 4.0 friendly staff
Wait Staff –  3.9 – Bar Staff was attentive but had to go grab her once
Food Presentation 4.5 very good presentation
Food Quality – 4.0 Tasty but not outstanding in any way
Price – $$$ – be prepared to spend 50 per person with a glass of wine
Overall rating (out of 5 stars) – 4.3 delightful lunch experience and paid for it.  

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