Cannery Row Brewing Company, Monterey Ca

This larger than life brew pub offers 40 draft beers, a selection of house brew, a full bar complete with an impressive bourbon list, served up on two levels of restaurant.

An initial installment of the Coastal Luxury Management Team, lead by Dave Bernahl and Robert Weekly, the pub mirrors some of the better gastro-pubs in the US.

There are obviously a few areas where the pub falls short, and shy of its initial intent. Initially there was a CLM burger on the menu made with Kobe Beef a fantastic item – Gone. The Oyster Po Boy, the Lobster Roll; all initial items that have disappeared due to poor execution and lack of proper culinary oversight as the restaurant sank in its noble intent into a more pedestrian tourist attraction.

Still, they have a phenomenal Ahi Poke appetizer, juicy burgers, and amazing slow smoked wings – but the restaurant will never be measured with the great gastro-pubs with such a lack of strict product oversight. Clearly the means of the CLM crew are too varied to make this project a truly amazing one. That is why on most travel sites it recieves middle of the rung reviews.

Also service is sluggish on a good day. Still though, you cant beat the beer menu, tasty burgers and fireside chat with some good friends on Cannery Row. I will still be back, and just know that my experience will reflect the items reviewed above…

overall 3.5 stars out of 5 from this critic.

Cannery Row Brewing Company on Urbanspoon

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