Pepper’s Mexi-Cali Cafe Pacific Grove Ca

Peppers has got to be one of my favorite little restaurants in Pacific Groves Quaint litte repertoire.  A longtime local hot spot, you almost always find a line at the door for dinner here.  In my visit I did as I was instructed by friends and ordered the Blood Orange Margarita.  These are amazing little cocktails, and it is difficult to have only one!
 The other dish I ordered was the Cheese Enchiladas, a very basic dish that I have coveted since I was a child; good enchiladas are hard to find however.  Their sauce is a little sweet and tangy, and the beans and rice round out the plate.  If you are looking for Mexican style food in Pacific Grove area, look no further.  Pictured below is the Blood orange margarita. 

As far as Mexi-Cali restaurants go this one gets a 4.5 from me.  Wouldn’t change a thing except the service, can be a little snotty some times…

Peppers Mexicali Cafe on Urbanspoon

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