Tilly Gort’s Cafe Pacific Grove, Ca

Tilly Gort’s is an inexpensive casual little Café specializing in Vegetarian Options.  They have won the Best of Monterey County for Vegetarian food for the last couple of decades straight as evidenced by the collection of the awards adorning their walls.  This place has been in operation for like 50 years as well.  I love to go in for a veggie burger or a sandwich.  They switch up the greasy fries of most restaurants with a side of Chips and Salsa.  Its pretty darn good.   I definitely recommend it if you want something healthy/casual and not so expensive as the coastal communities can be…
Ambiance/Décor – 3.5 a cute but a in need of some updates.
Initial Greeting/Seating – 3.5
Wait Staff – 3.5 thin
Food Presentation – 4
Food Quality – 4 the food was very good
Payment – 4 don’t take AMEX
Overall rating (out of 5 stars) – 3.0 – good
Tillie Gort's Market on Urbanspoon

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