Hula’s Island Grill Monterey, Ca

Hula’s Island Grill has been a staple restaurant on Lighthouse in since it opened 14 years ago.  All night Happy hour on Tuesday’s and half price wine night on Wednesday’s make it a great option for those less desired nights out on the town.
This is a burger, Hawaiian/Asian fusion restaurant with a menu that can go toe to toe with any casual dining restaurant in the state.  Great Burgers and fish options.  When I was there I had the Spicy edamame which uses Serrano Peppers to get the dish really rockin’ some spice.  
Trader Vic’s fish sandwich is bursting with flavor and the sweet potato fries are fantastic with their ginger dipping sauce.  This is a must hit for out of towners with a south pacific/Hawaiian craving to satiate…Here is a picture painted above the boys urinal, lol.
Ambiance/Décor – 4.1 nice, a bit tight
Initial Greeting/Seating – 2.5 hostess was a b word
Wait Staff – 4 pretty on top of things
Food Presentation – 4
Food Quality – 4.2 the food was very good
Price – 3.5 – moderate pricey
Overall rating (out of 5 stars) – 4.2 – very good
Hula's Island Grill on Urbanspoon

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