Pizzeria Bianco, Phoenix Arizona

Is Pizzeria Bianco the holy grail of pizzeria’s?? Well, it is truly fantastic as well as a James Beard Award winner…and it is sad that the average person cannot fully realize the incredible culmination of craftsmanship that comes together on these pies.

As with all pizza’s it starts with the most important part…the crust. There is a reason some of the best pizza’s in the world are created by bakers, they know dough…the crust is impeccable at Bianco’s…truly a shining star. Thin crispy on the outside chewy and complex on the inside with beautiful charring…so amazing.

The pizza’s themselves are shown below in the photos…they are all quite good in their own way…three with red sauce, three white…House made fresh mozzarella, locally sourced ingredients. But oh the crust.

I have been to some of the best pizzeria’s in the world, and yes this place does live up to its hype. folks who don’t agree, unfortunately don’t have a refined enough palate to discern good pizza, and probably should keep their opinions to themselves…unfortunately I did say.

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Pizzeria Bianco on Urbanspoon

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