Rogue Brewery Public House Portland Oregon

So, I have been a big fan of Dead Guy Ale for quite some time, I never did, however, connected the Suds Sipping Portlandian culture with this brew (brew ignorance), all I can say is that this place rocks some tasty brews.

I sat down and ordered an Amber Ale, and some WINGS, as I always do at a brew put, it is my first judging point on the quality of the food.  This Place served me the wings RAW still, that is right I bit into a raw chicken wing, only cooked on the outside.  Gross.
Rogue Distillery & Public House on Urbanspoon
Then I ordered up a bacon cheese Kobe burger, which was good, not great, and I tried a beer sampler.  All in all this place was in downtown Portland, had great brew, but so far I was disappointing in the culinary culture that these ale houses endorse…Come on Portland, I need some good grub. 

They have great unique brews, including the Bacon Maple Voodoo Donut Ale!!!!  Check out the photos below!

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