Cachagua General Store Carmel Valley, Ca

I really don’t even know where to begin as trite as that may sound. Michael Jones, the proprietor; probably one of the most arrogant self obsessed individuals in the culinary profession. Does he do a good job – A vehement yes from this connoisseur, food wise. However character and customer service matter in the culinary arts as much as any other. I give him a negative star to begin based off his attitude alone – more on this later.

Cachagua General Store on Urbanspoon

Driving to Cachagua General Store is not a fun task by any means, long extremely windy roads; especially difficult in the dark. We made it alive to what only can be described as a shack in the mountains. A Shack with very good food and a knowledgeable Sommelier.

I wanted to sample about everything on the menu at a glance (Menu attached) I tried the Trout Soup, Local Mushroom Soup, the Waygu Beef Bone Marrow, and the Braised Waygu Beef Short ribs over Pasta. All items could go toe to toe with any restaurant on the peninsula or Ca for that matter. Bold vibrant flavors, perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned. Oh yeah, and the amazing Sardine Crostini’s. Fantastic.

Food wise I give this place 4.5 Stars – seriously good food.

Now back to Jones, you can check out is eccentric personality in his food blog he has a recent post where he justifies serving his guests Flap Steak rather than Skirt Steak namely because a guest came who owns a meat company and complained! Hilarious – Michael Jones called out on his BS, wish I was there. Well Michael Jones justifies his decision, also admitting that his beef is not KOBE as stated on the menu, rather he serves Akaushi Flap. Not the same, not even close. Which is why it costs guests $20 instead of significantly more. Does your Steak Taste great, YES, but is it misrepresented, YES.

Second amazing Story – Michael Jones GOES OFF, Fires an Employee and pursues a guest on Facebook to reprimand them for their ill behavior in his restaurant – the Mortal Sin – Splitting the check. I must indeed be an uncultured swine because even I ask for separate checks sometimes to avoid complications with inebriated friend’s math skills, or even because I order a much more expensive item on the menu!

Click here to read Michaels Rant that he Posted on His website (and subsequently deleted to my knowledge).

Michael!!!! If you see this, be nicer to your guests and folks you do not agree with, especially me. Good Day SIR!

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