Fishwife Restaurant Pacific Grove, Ca

This particular restaurant is situated in Pacific Grove just outside the Pebble Beach Gate near Asilomar State Beach.  A beautiful setting indeed.  The restaurant is known for their, guess what, fish.  Yes they cook up some fresh local seafood and it is nice, not fantastic.  You want top of the line pay-through-the-nose seafood, go to Roy’s at Spanish bay, this is local kick back sort of place.
The venue is nice, can be a little tight, but they do cook up some pretty good food.  The place always has business and the prices are reasonable/average for a sea food restaurant.  I had the Portofino recommended by the bar tender.  It was really good.  Lots of fresh fish, Scallops, Calamari, shrimp over a bed of linguine. Sort of like a cioppino with a hint of Cajun spices and pasta.  I would recommend it! 
Ambiance/Décor – 3.5 could use some updates
Initial Greeting/Seating – 4.5 nice hostesses
Wait Staff – 4.5 thin
Food Presentation – 4
Food Quality – 4 the food was very good
Price – 3.5 – moderate pricey
Overall rating (out of 5 stars) – 3.8 – very good

Fishwife at Asilomar Beach/ Beachcomber Inn on Urbanspoon

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