Di Fara Pizza – Brooklyn, New York

A pilgrimage to this spot in Brooklyn is well worth your time if you are a true pizza connoisseur. Dominic Dimarco has been making pizza’s in this little hole in the wall establishment since the 70’s and he is widely considered on of the best slices of pizza in the world.

San Marzano Tomatoes, Grande mozzarella, fresh basil…this guy has some killer ingredients, and turns out one of the best Sicilian slices I have ever had…seriously you have to try this stuff!

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Tony Gemignanis International School of Pizza

I had the distinct honor of attending Tony’s Pizza School. Not only is Tony an incredibly accomplished Pizzaiolo, he teaches a top notch pizza university complete with certification from the Oldest Pizza School in Italy.

This course was really incredible and I couldn’t recommend it higher for anybody wishing to make Pizza a career.

Attached are some photos from the class, as well as some of the pizza’s we made.

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Pizzaiolo Oakland, Ca

Always on the hunt for an amazing Pie…I stumbled upon this little Gem by the way of is famed Stinging Nettle Pie. That is right they use tongs to pick up loads of stinging nettles and place them on your pizza dough, with some pecorino and blast it in the oven.

Apparently the stingers fall off or cook out in the baking process, quite an experience..they have a very spinach-esque quality when cooked…

pizziolo 1

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Star Tavern, Orange New Jersey

Talk about a place that cranks out some Pies…this is one of the busiest pizzerias I have been to…their pizza is OK, thin crust, crispy and dripping with grease. But it is hard not to get jaded when you have had some of the best in the world :) If i lived in the area…I would definitely eat here…pilgramage worthy, no.

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Lobardi’s Coal Fired Pizza, New York, New York

I couldn’t call myself a pizza aficionado if I skipped this place on my way through the Big Apple. I must say though…this is not my favorite pizza ever. It was OK, but as far as Coal Fired goes…Frank Pepe’s is the best I have ever had. But Lombardi’s is good and an institution, so if you are in little Italy, go check it out!

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Pizzeria Delfina – San Francsico, Ca

San Francisco has no shortage of great restaurants, and certainly no shortage of great pizzerias…it is hope to the world famous Tony Geminagni – whom teaches the international pizza school that I attended.

Delfinas is famous for their pizza, and is a very busy spot…most notably is their “Magic Pie” which uses a dash of heavy cream just before it is finished…it is quite good.

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Flour Water Salt Yeast – Cook Book Review

My wife bought me a fantastic cookbook last year for Christmas. As anyone may be able to tell by reviewing the pages of my blog, I have quite the fascination with pizza. This book covers some ground on developing fantastic dough recipe’s, especially in its chapters on Biga and Poolish.

I was able to create what I would consider the best pizza and artisan breads possible in a crappy home over with the assistance of Mr. Forkish in the James Beard Nominated story. This is a must have for any serious home baker, or pizzaiolo!

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